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Printing a Bill

You cannot print a bill more than once, unless you must give a copy of the bill to the customer.

You must use only a certified sales recording system (SRS) to print a copy, duplicate or any type of partial or total reproduction of the bill.

Supplementary documents

You cannot give the customer another document showing the total sale price and the taxes payable for a trip, except in certain special cases.

For example, if a customer asks for supporting documents for input tax credits (ITCs) and input tax refunds (ITRs), you can give the customer a supplementary document in addition to the bill produced using a certified SRS. The document must contain a reference to the bill.

You can also give the customer a weekly account statement or an estimate if it shows payment of all or part of the consideration for a supply before the bill containing all prescribed information is given to the customer. 

Failure to pay

If a customer leaves without paying, you can select the Parti sans payer (Failure to pay) print mode. All required data will be sent to us but no paper or electronic bill will be produced.

If you produce a duplicate bill after a customer did not pay, it must not show a payment method.

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