Producing a Bill with a Certified SRS

If you transport passengers for remuneration, you must ensure that the information on bills generated by your certified sales recording system (SRS) is up to date and error-free. Contact the developer if your SRS needs modifications so that you can meet your obligations.

Each bill must include the information below.

  1. The name under which the operator conducts business

    You can give the user's name or the business's contact information, such as an address and telephone number.
  2. When the driver or individual sent us the prescribed information
  3. The number identifying the transaction
  4. A sufficiently detailed description of the passenger transportation service, including the type of billing (odometer rate, taximeter rate, etc.), any discounts and the dues payable (see Detailed Description of Each Transportation Service).
  5. A note that GST and QST apply to the remunerated passenger transportation service (FP, F or P)
  6. The subtotal before taxes
  7. The operator's GST registration number
  8. The operator's QST registration number
  9. In the case of a closing receipt, the payment method used by the customer to pay the bill

    The mandatary can add content such as a user name, a thank you message or a survey before the line of equal signs.
  10. A line of equal signs immediately preceding the items below, which must appear in the order given
  11. The amount of GST
  12. The amount of QST
  13. The total amount of the bill, which is the sum of the GST, QST and trip fare
  14. A note that the bill is an original, revised or duplicate bill, or a note that the operator received payment or credited the trip fare to the customer
  15. In the case of a duplicate bill, some information shown on the bill will be different than the information shown here.
  16. In the case of a revised bill, a note giving the number of bills it replaces
  17. In the case of a training activity, the notes “DOCUMENT DE FORMATION” (training document) and “NE PAS REMETTRE AU CLIENT” (do not give to customer)
  18. If the customer is given both a paper and electronic bill, the note “Copie de facture” (copy of bill) on the electronic bill
  19. A QR code including a hyperlink. An electronic bill must also include the hyperlink, which must appear below the QR code.
  20. When the WEB-SRM processed the information sent by the SRS
  21. The transaction number assigned by the WEB-SRM
  22. A line of equal signs immediately after the above items
Sample bill showing prescribed information
Sample bill showing prescribed information

The sample bill shown above includes prescribed information. A bill can also include additional information of the operator's choice, such as a telephone number, a logo or a slogan. This information is shown in grey in the bill above. It is optional and is not sent to us.  


Only employer information—and not employee information—is shown on the bill.

End of note

For more examples of bills, see Examples of Bills: Mandatory Billing in the Remunerated Passenger Transportation Sector (IN‑575.TR.1-V).

Electronic bills

Electronic bills are identical to paper bills except they feature a “Consulter la facture en ligne” (view bill online) hyperlink below the QR code to access a bill summary online.

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