Penalties and Fines

You must meet the tax obligations under the mandatory billing measures, if they apply to you, and follow the related rules. If you do not, you may be penalized and fined.

If the mandatory billing measures apply to you, you must:

  • send prescribed information and produce bills using a certified sales recording system (SRS) or a version of it we have authorized;
  • ensure the bills include the required information;
  • give your customers a bill at the end of each trip (you can give a bill at a later time if you have a contract with a customer or provide public transit or paratransit services) and keep a copy of it.

You must also:

  • keep a paper or electronic copy of bills for six years after the year they cover;
  • keep supporting documents for adjusted and cancelled transactions for six years after the year they cover.

You can view transaction data in My Account for businesses.


If, due to circumstances beyond your control, you are unable to give your customers a bill produced using a certified SRS or send us your transaction data at the end of the trip or within 48 hours of a bill being produced, you must contact us.

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