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Giving Customers a Bill Produced Using a Certified SRS

If the mandatory billing measures apply to you, you must give your customers a bill containing all prescribed information at the end of each trip.

In addition, you must provide a bill even if it totals zero (because you provided a service for free, for example).

If you are unable to give your customers a bill produced using a certified sales recording system (SRS), you must contact us immediately.

  • If you make a trip under a contract where all or part of the consideration is payable at a later time, you must give the customer the bill when the total amount (or the last payment in the case of multiple payments) is due or payable. This bill must include all supplies under the contract.
  • If you provide public transit or paratransit services, you must generally provide a bill showing all trips made for the same client when you request payment for these trips for the period shown on the bill.
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Who must receive a bill

You must give a bill to your customer, who is the person required to pay for the trip. A passenger is not necessarily the customer.

The table below will help you determine the bill recipient.

Situation Bill recipient
The passenger pays for the trip in cash or uses a credit or debit card or a gift certificate. Passenger
The passenger gives you a chit (either pink or white) or a document confirming that a trip was made. Passenger or the person who will pay for the trip
You provide a public transit or paratransit trip. The person who will pay for the trip (e.g. a municipality, an intermediary operating a digital platform or electronic system or a local community services centre)
The passenger does not pay at the end of the trip (for example, a limousine trip is made following a reservation or under a contract between the operator and the trip requestor) The person who will pay for the trip

Drive-home service

Some taxi businesses offer a drive-home service where the passenger and his or her vehicle are both driven to the requested destination. This requires two drivers:

  • one for the passenger; and
  • one for the passenger's vehicle.

At the end of the trip, the passenger's driver must give him or her a bill showing the total trip amount, including the drive-home service. Select Service de raccompagnement (Drive-home service) in the SRS.


The two drivers must agree on how the payment will be divided and keep supporting documents. 

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