Summary of the Exemption Granted by the Minister: Report Containing Prescribed Information

A taxi business operator that is registered with a transportation system operator that collects fares electronically and provides an identification document for display to passengers, which includes the taxi operator's name, photo and tax numbers, is exempt from the obligation to:

  • comply with an authorized person's request to display a report containing all required information using a certified SRS; and
  • print a report containing all required information or send an electronic copy.

Note that the full text of the exemption takes precedence over this summary.

To read the full text, see Exemption Granted by the Minister: Report Containing Prescribed Information (DIS-350.64.RA-V) in the Exemptions section under Publication of Information.


During a review or an inspection, we reserve the right to determine whether a taxi business operator or another person responsible for the business is eligible for an exemption.

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