Sales Recording Systems

As a person subject to the mandatory billing measures, you are responsible for ensuring that your sales recording system (SRS) is compatible with your sales recording module (SRM) and that the two communicate.

To be SRM-compatible, your SRS must have been adapted by its developer.


Click Additional Obligations of Bar Operators to find out what information you must include in an SRM using the “Événement de groupe” (group event) feature, with respect to an agreement entered into with a person that makes supplies of property or services in your bar on an occasional basis.

Certification of compliance

Developers can request that an adapted SRS be certified compliant with our technical specifications. If the adapted SRS is compliant, we will issue a certificate of compliance that recognizes the compatibility of the product with the SRM. The certificate indicates which version of the SRS (including operating modes and features) is certified.

Click Certified Products - Restaurant Sector for the list of all certified sales recording systems and their features.

The table below presents the operating modes and the features that we certify.

Operating mode

  • Counter Service
  • Table Service


Limitations of certification

Any change made to a certified product can void its certification.

Developers that further develop their products are solely responsible for ensuring that they remain SRM compatible.

Certifying a product or publishing its name in this list does not mean we endorse or recommend it. Certification of compliance does not guarantee that the device works properly.

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