Main Changes for 2022 – RL Slips and Summaries

New design

We have changed the design of the RL slips by removing the colour band and the coloured square around the RL slip number. We have also moved the slip boxes to the top of the page and placed the explanation of the boxes and instructions under them.

2021 version 2022 version

Trust identification number and account number hidden on copy 2 of the RL-16 slip

As of 2022, to hide information for security reasons, asterisks are pre-entered in the boxes marked “Numéro d'identification” (trust identification number) and “Numéro de compte de la fiducie” (trust account number) on copy 2 of the slip given to beneficiaries.

These numbers must still appear on copy 1 of the RL-16 slip sent to us.

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