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Documents to Be Filed With the Trust Income Tax Return

Depending on its situation and whether it files its return on paper or using software, the trust must enclose certain documents with its income tax return.

Filing on paper

If the return is filed on paper, please submit the following documents, where applicable:

  • the following schedules of the Trust Income Tax Return (TP-646-V): 
    • Schedule A, Taxable Capital Gains and Designated Net Taxable Capital Gains,
    • Schedule B, Investment Income, Gross-Up of Dividends Not Designated and Adjustment of Investment Expenses,
    • Schedule C, Summary of Allocations and Designations,
    • Schedule D, Carry-Back of a Loss,
    • Schedule E, Income Tax on the Taxable Distributions Amount and Calculation of Eligible Dividends to Be Designated,
    • Schedule F, Income Tax Payable by a Specified Trust for a Specified Immovable,
    • Schedule G, Additional Information: Trust Resident in Québec That Owns a Specified Immovable;
  • certain forms, such as:
    • TP-128.F-V, Income Earned by a Trust From the Rental of Immovable Property,
    • TP-1086.R.23.12-V, Costs Incurred for Work on an Immovable,
    • TP-274.F-V, Designation of Property as a Principal Residence of a Personal Trust,
    • TP-668.1-V, Taxable Capital Gains of a Trust That Give Entitlement to a Deduction,
    • TP-671.9-V, Information Return of the Beneficiary of a Designated Trust,
    • TP-772-V, Foreign Tax Credit,
    • TP-776.47-V, Alternative Minimum Tax of a Trust,
    • TPZ-1179-V, Logging Operations Return,
    • TP-1079.DI-V, Mandatory Disclosure of a Confidential Transaction or a Transaction Involving Conditional Remuneration or Contractual Coverage,
    • TP-1079.OD-V, Mandatory Disclosure of a Specified Transaction or Preventive Disclosure,
    • TP-80.1-V, Calculation of Business or Professional Income, Adjusted to December 31,
    • TP-750-V, Income Tax Payable by a Trust Resident in Québec That Carries On a Business in Canada, Outside Québec, or by a Trust Resident in Canada, Outside Québec, That Carries On a Business in Québec,
    • TP-768.1-V, Recovery Tax: Qualified Disability Trust,
    • TP-1129.64-V, Special Tax Relating to a Registered Education Savings Plan,
    • TP-163.1-V, Interest Paid on a Loan Taken Out on a Life Insurance Policy,
    • TP-653-V, Deemed Sale Applicable to Certain Trusts,
    • TP-1031.1-V, Election by a Trust to Pay in Instalments the Income Tax Resulting From a Deemed Sale Applicable to Certain Trusts,
    • TP-653.C-V, Election of a Trust to Defer the Payment of Income Tax Attributable to the Deemed Disposition of Its Interest in a Qualified Public Corporation (This form is no longer used. It was replaced by form TP-1033.18-V, Election to Defer the Payment of Income Tax Resulting From the Deemed Disposition of a Trust's Interest in a Qualified Public Corporation),
    • TP-726.30-V, Income Averaging for Forest Producers;
  • all RL slips and other information slips received by the trust;
  • all receipts for donations and gifts, and, where applicable, the following documents:
  • the fair market value (FMV) certificate issued by the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications;
  • the FMV certificate issued by the Ministère de l'Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques;
  • the certificate issued to a trust that is a certified forest producer under the Sustainable Forest Development Act and that is asking to average a portion of the income derived from a private forest;
  • copies of the RL-16 slips (see courtesy translation RL-16-T) issued by the trust, regardless of whether they were submitted online (in an XML file), by mail or by other means (on paper) (see RL-16 Slip: Trust Income);
  • a copy of one of the following documents, if the trust is filing the return for the first time and such a document has not already been sent:
    • the will, accompanied by a list of the assets at the time of death,
    • the trust deed,
    • the document confirming the trust's existence, in the case of a deemed trust;
  • proof that an election was filed with the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) concerning the portion of the income or of the capital gain paid or that became payable in the year to a beneficiary or concerning the portion of the accumulating income allocated to a preferred beneficiary.
  • If there is no testamentary provision designating a liquidator or the designated liquidator does not want to or cannot fulfil their responsibilities in respect of a succession, you must enclose form LM-14.1-V, Designation of a Liquidator by the Heirs, with the succession's first income tax return.
  • If the trust fails to send us, by the prescribed deadline, a copy of any document filed with the CRA, it will be liable to a penalty of $25 per day, up to $2,500.
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The schedules and forms are generally updated every year. If you are required to file a return for a given taxation year, for example, 2023, before the appropriate version of the documents becomes available, you can complete the version for the previous taxation year (that is, 2022), taking into account any new tax measures in effect for 2023 and replacing 2022 by 2023 at the top of the return and of each schedule.

If you are filing a return for 2022 or for a previous taxation year, you must complete the version of the return for the year concerned (other tax measures may have been introduced since then).

Filing using software

For a list of the documents to submit with a return filed using software, see Information for Software Users: Trusts (IN-416.A-V).

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