Other Information (Lines 60 to 80)

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In Part 5 of the Information Return for Registered Charities and Other Donees (form TP-985.22-V), you must:

  • state whether changes were made to the governing documents during the taxation year (line 60);
  • provide information about the receipts issued for the sale of goods and services or for the rental of the organization's property (line 61);
  • state whether receipts were issued for gifts in kind (lines 62 to 62.7);
  • provide information about any receipts for returned property (lines 63 and 63.1);
  • describe the organization's fundraising activities (lines 65 to 65.6);
  • state whether the organization filed RL-1 slips for remuneration paid or bursaries or scholarships awarded (line 66);
  • enter the address where the organization's books and registers are kept (line 67); 
  • enter the contact information of the person who completed the information return or the corporation he or she represents (line 68);
  • describe the property Revenu Québec has authorized the organization to accumulate (lines 70 to 75);
  • state whether the organization is a registered charity that was associated with another registered charity (lines 76 and 76.1);
  • state whether the organization is a public foundation that acquired control of a corporation (lines 77 and 77.1);
  • state whether the public or private foundation has incurred debt other than debt relating to current administrative expenses, the purchase and sale of securities or the administration of charitable activities (line 78);
  • state whether the organization is a private foundation covered by the provisions concerning the excess corporate holdings regime (line 79);
  • state whether any members of a cultural or communications organization received a taxable benefit for participating in a workshop, seminar or training or development program (line 80).

If changes were made to the governing documents during the year, enclose a copy of the official document attesting to the changes.


Consult section 6.5 of the guide Donees Required to File an Information Return (TP-985.22.G-V) for more information on these lines.

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