Expenditures and Gifts to Qualified Donees (Lines 25 to 39)

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In section 2.2 of the Information Return for Registered Charities and Other Donees (form TP-985.22-V), you must enter the following information:

  • advertising and promotional costs (line 25);
  • travel and vehicle expenditures (line 26);
  • interest and other carrying charges (line 27);
  • office expenditures and supplies (line 28);
  • occupancy costs (line 29);
  • professional and consulting fees (line 30);
  • training costs (personnel and volunteers) (line 31);
  • wages and salaries, benefits and fees (line 32);
  • cost of supplies and property purchased (line 33);
  • the fair market value of all gifts used in the course of activities related to the organization's objectives (line 34);
  • research grants, bursaries and scholarships paid as part of the activities related to the organization's objectives (line 35);
  • other expenditures (line 36);
  • expenditures for activities related to the organization's objectives (line 37.1);
  • expenditures for management and general administration (line 37.2);
  • expenditures for fundraising activities (line 37.3);
  • expenditures for political activities (line 37.4);
  • expenditures for other activities (line 37.5);
  • total gifts made to qualified donees (line 38);
  • the portion of the amount from line 38 that constitutes designated gifts (line 38.1).

Consult section 6.2.2 of the guide Donees Required to File an Information Return (TP-985.22.G-V) for more information on these lines.

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