Documents to Be Filed by Partnerships

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You must enclose several documents with the partnership information return, in particular:

  • the applicable schedules of the return:
    • Schedule A, Partners' Interests and At-Risk Amounts, 
    • Schedule B, Capital Cost Allowance (CCA), 
    • Schedule D, Member Corporations' Shares of Paid-Up Capital, 
    • Schedule E, Summary of Certain Information Entered on RL-15 Slips, 
    • Schedule F, Net Income for Income Tax Purposes; 
  • any prescribed forms (which are required to be filed by law or regulation), such as:
    • form RD-222-V, Deduction Respecting Scientific Research and Experimental Development Expenditures
    • form TP-1086.R.23.12-V, Costs Incurred for Work on an Immovable
    • form TP-1129.71-V, Income Tax Payable by a SIFT Partnership;
  • any forms substantiating the information you must enter in Part 2 of Schedule E (see section 4.4.2 of the Guide to Filing the Partnership Information Return [TP-600.G-V]);
  • any RL-11 slips (see courtesy translation RL-11-T) that the partnership received from a development corporation for flow-through shares; 
  • any RL slip or information slip that the partnership received that must be enclosed with the return; 
  • the RL-15 slips (see courtesy translation RL-15.EX-T) filed by the partnership (unless they have already been filed online);
  • the partnership's financial statements or a duly completed copy of form TP-80-V, Business or Professional Income and Expenses
  • any official receipts for charitable donations and any forms required for other gifts, such as form TPF-712.0.1-V, Certificate of Disposition of Cultural Property, issued by the Conseil du patrimoine culturel du Québec

Make sure that you always use the version of the RL-15 slip corresponding to the version of the Partnership Information Return (form TP-600-V) that is in effect for the taxation year concerned.

Always consult the version of the Guide to Filing the Partnership Information Return (TP-600.G-V) and of the Guide to Filing the RL-15 Slip: Amounts Allocated to the Members of a Partnership (RL-15.G-V) applicable to the fiscal period concerned.

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