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Electric and Hydrogen Vehicles – IFTA


The International Fuel Tax Agreement: Articles of Agreement and Procedures Manual (IN-322) will soon be updated to include information about electric and hydrogen vehicles.

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Do not include in your Quarterly Fuel Tax Return (form CAZ-510-V) the kilometres travelled by a qualified motor vehicle while running on electricity or hydrogen and do not keep a record of the quantities of these energies you acquired. This information is not currently required under the International Fuel Tax Agreement.

Travelling outside Québec

If you use a vehicle that runs on electricity or hydrogen and travel in another jurisdiction that imposes a tax on them (see the Table of Rates – International Fuel Tax Agreement – IFTA [CAR-512-V]), contact the jurisdiction's tax authority for information.

Keeping records and supporting documents

You must keep track of the kilometres travelled by these vehicles for your own records. For more information, see Record Keeping.

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