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Why We Send Notifications

If you have given us your email address or a cell phone number that can receive text messages, we can send you an email or text notification in the event of a security incident (or potential incident) concerning your confidential information. Our notifications will not contain any hyperlinks or attachments, or ask for personal information. The goal is simply to quickly inform you of what's going on with your file so that you can act accordingly.

To view the related message, you must have signed up for My Account. If you need help, click My Account for individuals.

Note Are alerts free?

Email and text notifications are free. However, charges may apply depending on your mobile plan.

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You can unsubscribe from alerts or change your email and text communication preferences at any time in My Account or by contacting us.

If you call us, you will need your social insurance number and two of the following recent documents to confirm your identity:

  • a notice of assessment or determination;
  • an account statement;
  • another document we sent you.

Even if you unsubscribe from email and text notifications, you may still recieve an alert if an information protection and security event occurs concerning your file. In such a case, we will refer you to an important message in your secure inbox.

Note Unsubscribed?

If you unsubscribe from email and text notifications and there is a security incident concerning your confidential information, we will notify you some other way.

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Important messages in your secure inbox

If you received a notification about an important message in your secure inbox, you can view the message in two ways:


Protecting the confidentiality of your information is very important to us. We go to great lengths to make sure that our communication policies are secure. 

Note Fighting online fraud

Notifications help us fight widespread online fraud while meeting the highest standards for the protection of confidential information.

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