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ADM-500 Rapport annuel de gestion 2012-2013
ADM‑507 Plan stratégique 2012-2016 2012-07
ADM-527 Plan d'action 2014-2015 2014-06
ADM‑535 Rapport annuel de gestion 2012-2013 - En bref 2013-12
ADM-540 Plan d'action concernant les personnes handicapées 2013-2014 2013-10
ADM‑561 Plan d'action de développement durable 2009-2015 2013-11
ADM-573 Une agence du revenu autonome et imputable – Pour une administration fiscale renforcée 2010-09
ADM‑588 L'éthique et les valeurs 2014-06
ADM-591 Analyse d'impact réglementaire – Attestation de Revenu Québec élargie 2015-01
ADM‑592 Analyse d'impact réglementaire – Projet MEV bars – Facturation obligatoire dans le secteur des bars 2015-01
ADM-1120 Code d'éthique et de déontologie à l'intention des administrateurs 2014-05
ADM‑1120.1 Code de déontologie à l'intention des dirigeants et des employés 2014-06
COM-94 Synthèse Plan Stratégique 2009-2012 Ensemble Notre vision... 2009-10
COM‑301‑V The Volunteer Program 2014-10
COM-332-V Information on Judicial Recourse 2012-03
COM‑366‑T Vos droits et vos obligations à l'égard d'une vérification fiscale (English courtesy translation) 2013-01
EDI-229-V Making Online Payments using an online service offered by your financial services provider 2013-07
IN‑51.2.E‑V Requirements for computer-generated forms: Forms CAZ-51.2.E-V and CA-51.2.E-V 2013-01
IN-100-V Individuals and Rental Income 2013-03
IN‑103‑V Refundable Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses 2014-02
IN-105-V Instalment Payments of Income Tax 2012-05
IN‑106‑V Recourse for Your Tax-Related Problems 2012-10
IN-107-V Directors' Liabilities 2012-06
IN‑109‑V Tax Assistance for Scientific Research and Experimental Development 2014-04
IN-111-V Checklist for New Businesses: Source Deductions and Employer Contributions 2012-05
IN‑112‑V Tax Credit for Tuition or Examination Fees 2014-01
IN-113-V Provisions of the Public Prescription Drug Insurance Plan 2013-06
IN‑114‑V Bankruptcy 2012-06
Nouveau IN-117-V Guide to Filing the Income Tax Return of a Deceased Person 2014-12
IN‑118‑V Employment Expenses 2014-10
IN-119-V New Residents and Income Tax 2014-01
IN‑120‑V Capital Gains and Losses 2014-10
IN-125-V The Tax Effects of Amounts Received under a Disaster Relief Program 2002-12
IN‑128‑V The Tax Effects of Separation and Divorce 2005-04
IN-129-V Québec Education Savings Incentive (QESI) 2008-07
IN‑130‑V Medical Expenses 2014-10
IN-132-V Tax Benefits and Persons with Disabilities 2014-12
IN‑151‑V Overview of the Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors 2014-04
Nouveau IN-155-V Business and Professional Income 2014-10
IN‑165‑V Shelter Allowance Program 2014-10
IN-189-V Home Childcare Providers 2013-12
IN‑200‑V Collection of Tax Debts and Support Debts 2009-11
IN-202-V Registering with Revenu Québec 2014-03
IN‑203‑V General Information Concerning the QST and the GST/HST 2013-06
IN-205-V QST and GST/HST Rebates: New or Substantially Renovated Housing, New or Substantially Renovated Residential Rental Property 2008-08
IN‑211‑V The QST and the GST/HST: How They Apply to Medical Devices and Drugs 2013-04
IN-216-V The QST and the GST/HST: How They Apply to Foods and Beverages 2013-05
IN‑218‑V QST, GST/HST and Fuel Tax: How They Apply to Freight Carriers 2013-05
IN-219-V An Overview of the Tobacco Tax Act 2013-01
IN‑222‑V An Overview of the Fuel Tax Act 2013-07
IN-228-V The QST and the GST/HST: How They Apply to Charities 2012-03
IN‑229‑V The QST and the GST/HST: How They Apply to Non-Profit Organizations 2013-04
IN-231-V Carriers and the International Fuel Tax Agreement 2011-08
IN‑245‑V The Work Premium, Adapted Work Premium and Supplement to the Work Premium 2012-11
IN-249-V Tax Rebate for Foreign Representations 2008-09
IN‑250‑V Tax Measures Respecting Tips 2012-10
IN-251-V Questions About Tips: Employees 2013-09
IN‑252‑V Questions About Tips: Employers 2012-10
IN-253-V Taxable Benefits 2014-10
IN‑255‑V Flea Markets 2013-01
IN-256-V Checklist for New Businesses: QST and GST/HST 2013-01
IN‑258.SA‑V Guide for Retail Dealers Using the Automated Solution - Program for Administering the Fuel Tax Exemption for Indians 2013-04
IN-258-V Guide for Retail Dealers Using Paper Forms - Program for Administering the Fuel Tax Exemption for Indians 2013-04
IN‑260‑V Tax on Lodging 2013-02
IN-261-V The QST and the GST/HST: How They Apply to Residential Complexes (construction or renovation) 2013-07
IN‑263‑V Consumption Taxes and Producers of Alcoholic Beverages
IN-273-V Registering for Consumption Taxes by Phone Is Easy! 2014-12
IN‑300‑V Are You Self-Employed? Taxation reference tool 2012-12
IN-301-V Employee or Self-Employed Person? 2013-10
IN‑305‑V Non-Profit Organizations and Taxation 2010-07
IN-307-V New Businesses and Taxation 2012-06
IN‑308‑V Filing an Objection: It's your right. Make it work for you! 2013-02
IN-309-V Voluntary Disclosure: Rectifying Your Tax Situation 2014-07
IN‑311‑V Seniors and Taxation 2013-01
IN-313-V Estates and Taxation 2012-08
IN‑315 Déclaration de services aux citoyens et aux entreprises 2013-03
IN-318-V Québec Parental Insurance Plan 2013-11
IN‑322 Entente internationale concernant la taxe sur les carburants et Manuel des procédures 2012-07
IN-412.A-V Information for users of RL-slip software 2014-10
IN‑413.A‑V Information for Software Users: Personal Income Tax Return 2014-10
IN-413-V Requirements for Facsimiles and Computer-Generated Forms – Personal income tax return
IN‑415.A‑V Information for Software Users: Partnerships, Registered Charities and Other Donees 2014-10
IN-416.A-V Information for Software Users: Trusts 2014-10
IN‑417.A‑T Renseignements pour l'utilisateur d'un logiciel de production de formulaires relatifs à l'impôt des sociétés (English courtesy translation) 2014-12
IN-500 Avis publics – Successions non réclamées
IN‑500.1‑V Public Notices: Unclaimed Successions
IN-502 Avis publics concernant les produits financiers non réclamés 2014-12
IN‑510‑V Requirements for Computer-Generated Forms: Fuel Tax 2012-03
IN-518-V Charitable Donations and Gifts: Giving Wisely 2010-06
IN‑522‑V Information Bulletin for Restaurateurs 2014-09
IN-573-V Inspections in Restaurant Establishments 2013-04
IN‑575‑V Information for Restaurateurs 2013-08
IN-577-V SRM User Guide 2013-08
IN‑616‑V Secure Communication Service: User Guide 2014-04
IN-624-V The QST, the GST/HST and Road Vehicles 2012-04
IN‑647‑V Unclaimed Property 2012-10
IN-900-V Support Payments: Application For Exemption 2013-12
IN‑901‑V The Payment of Support 2013-12
IN-902-V Support Payments – Source Deductions 2014-06
IN‑903.C‑V Support Payments: Interpreting the Transaction Details of your Statement of Account (Creditor) 2013-01
IN-903.D-V Support Payments: Interpreting the Transaction Details of your Statement of Account (Debtor) 2013-01
IN‑904‑V Support Payments: When the Debtor or Creditor Resides Outside Québec 2013-10
IN-905-V Support Payments - Social Assistance Payments 2013-03
IN‑906‑V Support Payments Bulletin 2015-01
IN-907-V Moving? Give us your new address as soon as possible. 2013-05
IN‑908‑V Support Payments: Demand for Payment 2013-02
IN-909-V Support Payments: Advances 2014-08
Nouveau SW‑223.CE‑V Error Codes Related to Online Filing: Individuals 2015-02
Nouveau SW-223-V Tax Preparers' Guide: Individuals 2015-02
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