Notice of Change in Situation: Advance Payments of the Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses

Complete this form if you have already filed form TPZ-1029.8.F-V, Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses: Application for Advance Payments, for the current year and are required to inform us, during the year, of a change in your personal situation (or in that of a family member) that could affect the amount of your advance payments of the tax credit for childcare expenses.

If the change relates to a childcare service provider, the number of days of childcare during the year, or the childcare fees, you must enclose form TPZ-1029.8.F.A-V, Childcare Expenses Qualifying for the Tax Credit: Fees and Number of Days of Care for 2018, duly completed by the childcare service provider or that person's representative.

This form is available each year from January 15 to November 15.


If you need to notify us that one or more children concerned by your application for advance payments no longer require or will no longer require childcare services, or that all of the children concerned by your application no longer require such services, use the Change Advance Payment Information: Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses online service to do so.

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