Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses: Application for Advance Payments

This form is intended for individuals who wish to receive advance payments of the tax credit for childcare expenses to which they expect to be entitled.


This year, October 16 is the deadline for sending your application for advance payments of the tax credit for childcare expenses because October 15 is a Sunday.

To complete this form, you need to have on hand form TPZ-1029.8.F.A-V, Childcare Expenses Qualifying for the Tax Credit: Fees and Number of Days of Care for 2017, duly completed by the childcare services provider or that person's representative.

If, after you submit form TPZ-1029.8.F-V, your situation (or that of a family member) changes during the year, you must complete form TPZ-1029.8.F.C-V, Notice of Change in Situation: Advance Payments of the Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses.

Each time you file an application for advance payments, you must provide a document attesting to your or your spouse's situation.

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