Relevé 31 – Renseignements sur l'occupation d'un logement (English courtesy translation)

The RL-31 slip (available in French only) must be filed by rental property owners that leased a dwelling for which rent was paid or payable on December 31.

The RL-31 slip must be filed with Revenu Québec, whereas the RL-31.CS slip must be given to the tenants or subtenants.

The dwelling number, which is determined by Revenu Québec, must be entered in box A of each RL-31 slip to be filed with Revenu Québec. Tenants or subtenants must enter the number on their income tax return (TP-1-V) to claim the solidarity tax credit.

You can file RL-31 slips using either the Prepare and View the RL-31 Slip online service or software authorized for filing RL-31 slips.

If you are unable to use the service or authorized software, contact us at one of the following numbers:

Québec City 418 266-1016
Montréal 514 940-1481
Elsewhere 1 855 291-6467 (toll-free)

To access the official French version of this document, click RL-31. The French copy of the slip available through this link is a sample and cannot be printed or used. For filing methods, see the Guide to Filing the RL-31 Slip (RL-31.G-V). The courtesy translation of the RL-31 slip is available below for information purposes only.

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