Relevé 1 modifié - Revenus d'emploi et revenus divers (English courtesy translation)

The RL-1.M slip (available in French only) must be completed by any employer or payer that wishes to amend an RL-1 slip that has already been submitted to Revenu Québec, where the slip was filed for 2011 or a previous year. 

To amend an RL-1 slip filed for 2012 or a subsequent year, employers and payers must complete a new RL-1 slip (see courtesy translation RL-1-T). 

To access the official French version of this document, click RL-1.M. The courtesy translation of this document is available below for information purposes only.


Choose the version of the document that corresponds to the taxation year at issue. In the case of a form, filing the wrong version may result in processing delays.

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