Special-Purpose Returns

This form is for any person who is required to report and pay a tax or duty respecting a special situation. When filing this form, enclose the appropriate return(s) from the list below.  

  • GST/HST — QST Return Respecting the Acquisition of a Taxable Immovable (FP-505.D.A-V)
  • GST/HST Return Respecting Taxable Supplies Imported by a Person That Is Not a GST/HST Registrant (FP-505.D.B-V)
  • Return Respecting the Provincial Part of the HST (FP-505.D.C-V)
  • QST Return Respecting Property or a Service Brought into Québec by a Person That Is Not a QST Registrant (FP-505.D.D-V)
  • GST/HST — QST Return for a Qualifying Taxpayer That Is Not a GST/HST or QST Registrant (FP-505.D.E-V)
  • GST/HST — QST Return for a Person That is Not a GST/HST or QST Registrant (FP-505.D.F-V)
  • Return Respecting the Specific Duty on New Tires for a Purchaser or Leaser of Tires (FP-505.D.G-V)
  • Return Respecting the Tax on Insurance Premiums (FP-505.D.H-V)

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