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CO-1029.8.36.53-V Tax Credit for the Income Tax Paid by an Environmental Trust 2012-02
CO‑1136‑T Calcul du capital versé (English courtesy translation) 2012-03
DT-72-V Election respecting the Fair Market Value of Capital Property on Valuation Day 2012-02
ETI‑601‑V Access Code - Remittance slip 2014-10
LE-35-V QPP Contribution on Income from Self-Employment 2014-10
LM‑2.DP‑V Payer's Pre-Authorized Debit Agreement - Business PAD 2014-10
LM-2.M-V Request for Direct Deposit: Individuals in Business, Partnerships, Corporations and Other Legal Entities – Montréal 2012-02
LM‑2.Q‑V Request for Direct Deposit: Individuals in Business, Partnerships, Corporations and Other Legal Entities – Québec 2012-02
LM-3.M-V Request for Direct Deposit – Montréal 2013-09
LM‑3.Q‑V Request for Direct Deposit – Québec City 2013-09
LM-14-V Information About a Representative 2013-11
Nouveau LM‑15‑V Voluntary Disclosure Application 2015-07
LM-30-V Payment Arrangement Proposal 2014-12
LM‑31.A‑V Request for Changes or Cancellation - Payer's PAD Agreement 2014-12
LM-31-V Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Payment Agreement Proposal 2014-12
LM‑53‑V Insurable Earnings Under the QPIP and Pensionable Earnings Under the QPP of a Person Responsible for a Family-Type Resource or an Intermediate Resource 2014-07
MR-69-V Power of Attorney, Authorization to Communicate Information, or Revocation 2014-05
MR‑93.1.1‑V Notice of Objection 2014-05
MR-94.1.A-V Application for the Evaluation of a Financial Situation 2012-02
MR‑94.1‑V Application for the Cancellation or Waiver of Interest, Penalties or Charges 2013-06
PPA-70-V Consent to Have Security Returned to the Debtor: Exemption 2015-03
PPA‑104‑V Application for Cessation of Exemption 2015-03
PPZ-109-V Request for Direct Deposit of Support Payments 2015-03
PZ‑954‑V Notice Regarding Insurance Contracts Concluded with Insurance Corporations Not Resident in Canada 2015-05
RD-1029.7-V Tax Credit for Salaries and Wages (R&D) 2014-09
RD‑1029.8.6‑V Tax Credit for University Research or Research Carried Out by a Public Research Centre or a Research Consortium 2014-09
RD-1029.8.9.03-V Tax Credit for Fees and Dues Paid to a Research Consortium 2014-09
RL‑14‑T Relevé 14 - Renseignements sur un abri fiscal (English courtesy translation) 2014-10
RL-23.S-V RL-23 Summary: Recognition of Volunteer Respite Services 2014-10
RL‑23‑T Relevé 23 - Reconnaissance des services de relève bénévoles (English courtesy translation) 2012-10
TP-1.D.CH-V Two Tax Systems 2004-12
TP‑1.R‑V Request for an Adjustment to an Income Tax Return 2014-06
TP-1-V Income Tax Return, Schedules and Guide 2014-12
TP‑22.S‑V Income Tax Payable by an Individual Who Carries On a Business in Canada, Outside Québec (Simplified Tax System) 2004-10
TP-22-V Income Tax Payable by an Individual Who Carries On a Business in Canada, Outside Québec 2014-10
TP‑25‑V Income Tax Payable by an Individual Resident in Canada, Outside Québec, Who Carries On a Business in Québec 2014-10
TP-42.15-V Request for a Reduction in the Allocation Rate 2013-10
TP‑59‑V Employment Expenses of Salaried Employees and Employees Who Earn Commissions 2013-10
TP-64.3-V General Employment Conditions 2014-10
TP‑66‑V Employment Expenses of Transport Employees 2012-10
TP-75.2-V Employment Expenses of Salaried Tradespeople 2014-10
TP‑76‑V Residence Deduction for a Member of the Clergy or a Religious Order 2012-04
TP-78.4-V Employment Expenses of Salaried Musicians 2012-10
TP‑78‑V Employment Expenses of Forestry Workers 2012-10
TP-80.1-V Calculation of Business or Professional Income, Adjusted to December 31 2014-10
TP‑83‑V Election to Value Certain Animals Using the Unit Price Method 2012-06
TP-128-V Income and Expenses Respecting the Rental of Immovable Property 2012-10
TP‑157‑V Eligibility Certificate for Renovation or Alteration Expenses 2012-02
TP-163.1-V Interest Paid on a Loan Taken Out on a Life Insurance Policy 2013-03
TP‑223.PB Demande d'inscription de bénévoles à ImpôtNet Québec dans le cadre du Programme des bénévoles 2014-10
TP-223-V NetFile Québec Tax Preparer Registration Form 2013-12
TP‑232.1‑V Business Investment Loss 2012-07
TP-232.2-V Deferral of the Capital Gain Realized on Eligible Small Business Corporation Shares 2003-12
TP‑247.2‑V Deemed Disposition of Shares of a Corporation Before it Becomes a Public Corporation 2012-12
TP-274.F-V Designation of Property as a Principal Residence of a Personal Trust 2013-10
TP‑274.S‑V Reduction of the Capital Gain Deemed to Have Been Realized on a Principal Residence 2012-06
TP-274-V Designation of Property as a Principal Residence 2012-07
TP‑348‑V Moving Expenses 2012-10
TP-350.1.G-V Deduction for Residents of Designated Remote Areas 2014-10
TP‑350.1‑V Calculation of the Deduction for Residents of Designated Remote Areas 2014-10
TP-358.0.1-V Disability Supports Deduction 2012-10
TP‑481‑V Agreement Respecting a Debt 2012-02
TP-518-V Transfer of Property by a Taxpayer to a Taxable Canadian Corporation 2013-02
TP‑599‑V Determination of the Adjusted Cost Base of an Interest in a Partnership 2012-09
TP-614-V Transfer of Property to a Canadian Partnership 2014-10
TP‑620‑V Distribution of the Property of a Dissolved Canadian Partnership 2004-08
TP-726.6-V Cumulative Net Investment Loss 2014-10
TP‑726.7.S‑V Exempt Capital Gains Balance 2002-12
TP-726.7-V Capital Gains Deduction on Qualified Property 2014-10
TP‑726.20.2‑V Capital Gains Deduction on Resource Property 2014-10
TP-726.30-V Income-Averaging for Forest Producers 2013-10
TP‑729‑V Carry-Forward of Net Capital Losses 2012-01
TP-752.0.0.6-V Adjustment for Income Replacement Indemnities Received from a Public Compensation Plan Outside Québec 2014-10
TP‑752.0.1.I‑V Certificate Respecting a Member of a Religious Order 2012-02
TP-752.0.13.1-V Expenses for Medical Services Not Available in Your Area 2012-10
TP‑752.0.14‑V Certificate Respecting an Impairment 2013-10
TP-752.0.18.10-V Tuition Fees for Flying Lessons 2012-11
TP‑752.0.DE‑V Application for Designation as a Recognized Educational Institution 2012-05
TP-766.2-V Averaging of a Retroactive Payment, Support-Payment Arrears or a Repayment of Support 2014-10
TP‑772‑V Foreign Tax Credit 2013-10
TP-776.1.ND-V Tax Credit for Recent Graduates Working in Remote Resource Regions 2013-10
TP‑776.42‑V Alternative Minimum Tax 2014-10
TP-776.67-V Waiver with Respect to the Simplified Tax System 2012-10
TP‑785.2.5‑V Property Owned by an Emigrant 2013-10
TP-930-V Elections Respecting the RRSP of a Deceased Annuitant 2012-02
TP‑931.1‑V Amounts from a Spousal RRSP or RRIF 2014-10
TP-935.3-V Repayment of RRSP Funds Withdrawn Under the Home Buyers' Plan or the Lifelong Learning Plan 2012-10
TP‑961.8‑V Election Respecting the Designated Benefit from a RRIF 2012-02
TP-965.32-V Calculation of the CIP Deduction
TP‑965.39.4‑V Calculation of the CIP Deduction 2014-10
TP-965.55-V Stock Savings Plan II (SSP II) 2014-10
TP‑985.5‑V Application for Registration: Charities, Museums, Cultural or Communications Organizations and Québec or Canadian Amateur Athletic Associations 2014-10
TP-1000.PB-V Authorization for the Volunteer Program – Personal Income Tax 2014-11
TP‑1000.TE‑V Online Filing of the Personal Income Tax Return by an Accredited Person 2013-11
TP-1008-V Consent to Have Revenu Québec Provide Notices Online Only 2014-12
TP‑1012.A‑V Carry-Back of a Loss 2014-10
TP-1012.B-V Carry-Back of a Deduction or Tax Credit 2014-10
TP‑1015.3‑V Source Deductions Return 2015-04
TP-1015.F-V Formulas to Calculate Source Deductions and Contributions 2015-01
TP‑1015.N‑V Election by Fishers to Have Income Tax Deducted at Source 2012-02
TP-1015.R.13.1-V Statement of Commissions and Expenses for Source Deduction Purposes 2012-01
TP‑1026‑V Calculation of Instalment Payments to Be Made by Individuals - 2015 2015-01
TP-1029.8.33.6-V Tax Credit for an On-the-Job Training Period 2014-10
TP‑1029.8.33.13‑V Tax Credit for the Reporting of Tips 2014-10
TP-1029.8.36.76-V Tax Credit for Job Creation in the Clothing and Footwear Industry 1999-10
TP‑1029.8.36.EC‑V Tax Credit for the Acquisition or Lease of a New Energy-Efficient Vehicle 2011-12
TP-1029.8.36.LP-V Tax Credit for the Acquisition of Pig Manure Treatment Facilities 2012-10
TP‑1029.8.54‑V Tax Credit Respecting the Housing of a Parent 2005-10
TP-1029.8.61.64-V Tax Credit for Caregivers 2014-10
TP‑1029.8.63‑V Tax Credit for Adoption Expenses 2012-10
TP-1029.8.66.2-V Tax Credit for the Treatment of Infertility 2012-10
TP‑1029.8.ND‑V Tax Credit for Recent Graduates Working in Remote Resource Regions 2006-11
TP-1029.9-V Tax Credit for Taxi Drivers or Taxi Owners 2014-12
TP‑1029.CS.1‑V Solidarity Tax Credit Application for New Residents of Québec 2015-04
TP-1029.CS.3-V Notice of Change in Situation: Solidarity Tax Credit 2015-04
TP‑1029.ER.A‑V Certificate of Compliance With Energy and Environmental Standards 2014-04
TP-1029.ER-V Tax Credit for Eco-Friendly Home Renovation (EcoRenov) 2014-10
Nouveau TP‑1029.LR‑V LogiRénov Home Renovation Tax Credit 2015-10
TP-1029.RR-V Tax Credit for Home Improvement and Renovation 2009-10
TP‑1031‑V Election Concerning the Payment of Income Tax Further to a Deemed Disposition 2012-02
TP-1032-V Election to Make Instalment Payments in Respect of Income Tax Resulting from the Deemed Disposition of Certain Property Owned at the Time of Death 2012-02
TP‑1033.2.A‑V Deemed Disposition of Property by an Emigrant 2013-10
TP-1033.2-V Election to Defer the Payment of Income Tax on Income Relating to the Deemed Disposition of Property 2013-10
TP‑1079.6‑V Statement of Losses, Deductions and Tax Credits Respecting a Tax Shelter 2013-03
TP-1079.DI-V Mandatory or Preventive Disclosure of Tax Planning 2011-12
TP‑1086.R.23.12‑V Costs Incurred for Work on an Immovable 2013-10
TP-1097-V Notice of Disposition or Proposed Disposition of Taxable Québec Property by an Individual or Corporation Not Resident in Canada 2013-03
TP‑1102.1‑V Notice of Disposition or Proposed Disposition of property covered by section 1102.1 of the Taxation Act by an individual or corporation not resident in Canada 2014-04
TP-1102.3-V Payment of Income Tax by an Insurer on Behalf of an Individual not Resident in Canada Further to the Disposition of a Life Insurance Policy 2012-12
TP‑1129.RI‑V Special Tax on an Excess Amount Under a Profit-Sharing Plan 2013-10
TP-1129-V Election for Special Tax Relief Related to the Deferred Taxation of Security Option Benefits 2012-04
TPF‑601‑V General Information on Filing your Income Tax Return 2014-10
TPZ-1026.0.1.M-V Remittance Slip - Montréal
TPZ‑1026.0.1.Q‑V Remittance Slip - Québec
TPZ-1026.A-V Instalment Payments Made by an Individual
TPZ‑1029.8.F.A‑V Childcare Expenses Qualifying for the Tax Credit: Fees and Number of Days of Care for 2015 2014-10
TPZ-1029.8.F.C-V Notice of Change in Situation: Advance Payments of the Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses 2014-10
TPZ‑1029.8.F‑V Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses: Application for Advance Payments 2014-10
TPZ-1029.8.P-V Work Premium Tax Credit: Application for Advance Payments 2015-01
TPZ‑1029.8.PS‑V Supplement to the Work Premium: Application for Advance Payments 2015-01
Nouveau TPZ-1029.MD.5-V Information Return - Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors 2015-10
TPZ‑1029.MD.7‑V Application for Advance Payments Based on Rent and Services Included in Rent: Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors 2014-10
Nouveau TPZ-1029.MD.8-V Application for Advance Payments for Services Included in Condominium Fees: Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors 2015-10
TPZ‑1029.MD.9‑V Application for Advance Payments for Occasional Services: Tax Credit for Home-Services for Seniors 2014-10
TPZ-1029.MD.A-V Certification of Dependent Senior Status - Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors 2012-10
TPZ‑1179‑V Logging Operations Return 2014-06
TPZ-1185.1-V Logging Tax Instalment
VD‑358‑V Québec Sales Tax Rebate for Employees and Partners 2014-10
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