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New Number Title Version
CO‑1029.8.36.53‑V Tax Credit for the Income Tax Paid by an Environmental Trust 2012-02
CO‑1136‑T Calcul du capital versé (English courtesy translation) 2012-03
DT‑72‑V Election respecting the Fair Market Value of Capital Property on Valuation Day 2012-02
ETI‑601‑V Access Code - Remittance slip 2013-10
ETI‑602‑V Access Code - Remittance slip 2013-10
ETI‑603‑V Access Code - Remittance Slip - Identification label 2013-10
LE‑35‑V Québec Pension Plan (QPP) Contribution on Income from Self-Employment 2014-01
LM‑2.DP‑V Payer's Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Agreement (Business PAD) 2012-02
LM‑2.M‑V Request for Direct Deposit: Individuals in Business, Partnerships, Corporations and Other Legal Entities – Montréal 2012-02
LM‑2.Q‑V Request for Direct Deposit: Individuals in Business, Partnerships, Corporations and Other Legal Entities – Québec 2012-02
LM‑3.M‑V Request for Direct Deposit – Montréal 2013-09
LM‑3.Q‑V Request for Direct Deposit – Québec City 2013-09
LM‑14‑V Information About a Representative 2013-11
LM‑15‑V Voluntary Disclosure Application 2013-09
LM‑30‑V Payment Arrangement Proposal 2012-07
LM‑31.A‑V Request for Changes or Cancellation - Payer's PAD Agreement 2012-11
LM‑31‑V Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD) Payment Agreement Proposal 2012-11
LM‑53‑V Insurable Earnings Under the QPIP and Pensionable Earnings Under the QPP of a Person Responsible for a Family-Type Resource or an Intermediate Resource 2012-10
MR‑69‑V Power of Attorney, Authorization to Communicate Information, or Revocation 2013-11
MR‑93.1.1‑V Notice of Objection 2012-09
MR‑94.1.A‑V Application for the Evaluation of a Financial Situation 2012-02
MR‑94.1‑V Application for the Cancellation or Waiver of Interest, Penalties or Charges 2013-06
PPA‑70‑V Consent to Have Security Returned to the Debtor: Exemption 2013-01
PPA‑104‑V Application for Cessation of Exemption 2013-01
PPZ‑109‑V Request for Direct Deposit of Support Payments 2013-05
PZ‑954‑V Notice Regarding Insurance Contracts Concluded with Insurance Corporations Not Resident in Canada 2012-12
RD‑1029.7‑V Tax Credit for Salaries and Wages (R&D) 2013-05
RD‑1029.8.6‑V Tax Credit for University Research or Research Carried Out by a Public Research Centre or a Research Consortium 2012-06
RD‑1029.8.9.03‑V Tax Credit for Fees and Dues Paid to a Research Consortium 2012-06
RL‑14‑T Relevé 14 - Renseignements sur un abri fiscal (English courtesy translation) 2013-10
RL‑23.S‑V RL-23 Summary: Recognition of Volunteer Respite Services 2013-10
RL‑23‑T Relevé 23 - Reconnaissance des services de relève bénévoles (English courtesy translation) 2013-10
TP‑1.D.CH‑V Two Tax Systems 2004-12
TP‑1.R‑V Request for an Adjustment to an Income Tax Return 2012-01
TP‑1‑V Income Tax Return, Schedules and Guide 2013-12
TP‑22.S‑V Income Tax Payable by an Individual Who Carries On a Business in Canada, Outside Québec (Simplified Tax System) 2004-10
TP‑22‑V Income Tax Payable by an Individual Who Carries On a Business in Canada, Outside Québec 2012-05
TP‑25‑V Income Tax Payable by an Individual Resident in Canada, Outside Québec, Who Carries On a Business in Québec 2013-10
TP‑42.15‑V Request for a Reduction in the Allocation Rate 2013-10
TP‑59‑V Employment Expenses of Salaried Employees and Employees Who Earn Commissions 2013-10
TP‑64.3‑V General Employment Conditions 2013-10
TP‑66‑V Employment Expenses of Transport Employees 2012-10
TP‑75.2‑V Employment Expenses of Salaried Tradespeople 2014-01
TP‑76‑V Residence Deduction for a Member of the Clergy or a Religious Order 2012-04
TP‑78.4‑V Employment Expenses of Salaried Musicians 2012-10
TP‑78‑V Employment Expenses of Forestry Workers 2012-10
TP‑80.1‑V Calculation of Business or Professional Income, Adjusted to December 31 2013-10
TP‑80‑V Business or Professional Income and Expenses 2012-10
TP‑83‑V Election to Value Certain Animals Using the Unit Price Method 2012-06
TP‑128‑V Income and Expenses Respecting the Rental of Immovable Property 2012-10
TP‑157‑V Eligibility Certificate for Renovation or Alteration Expenses 2012-02
TP‑163.1‑V Interest Paid on a Loan Taken Out on a Life Insurance Policy 2013-03
TP‑223‑V NetFile Québec Tax Preparer Registration Form 2013-12
TP‑232.1‑V Business Investment Loss 2012-07
TP‑232.2‑V Deferral of the Capital Gain Realized on Eligible Small Business Corporation Shares 2003-12
TP‑247.2‑V Deemed Disposition of Shares of a Corporation Before it Becomes a Public Corporation 2012-12
TP‑274.F‑V Designation of Property as a Principal Residence of a Personal Trust 2013-10
TP‑274.S‑V Reduction of the Capital Gain Deemed to Have Been Realized on a Principal Residence 2012-06
TP‑274‑V Designation of Property as a Principal Residence 2012-07
TP‑348‑V Moving Expenses 2012-10
TP‑350.1.G‑V Deduction for Residents of Designated Remote Areas 2011-11
TP‑350.1‑V Calculation of the Deduction for Residents of Designated Remote Areas 2012-10
TP‑358.0.1‑V Disability Supports Deduction 2012-10
TP‑481‑V Agreement Respecting a Debt 2012-02
TP‑518‑V Transfer of Property by a Taxpayer to a Taxable Canadian Corporation 2013-02
TP‑599‑V Determination of the Adjusted Cost Base of an Interest in a Partnership 2012-09
TP‑614‑V Transfer of Property to a Canadian Partnership 2013-03
TP‑620‑V Distribution of the Property of a Dissolved Canadian Partnership 2004-08
TP‑726.6‑V Cumulative Net Investment Loss 2013-10
TP‑726.7.S‑V Exempt Capital Gains Balance 2002-12
TP‑726.7‑V Capital Gains Deduction on Qualified Property 2013-10
TP‑726.20.2‑V Capital Gains Deduction on Resource Property 2014-02
TP‑726.30‑V Income-Averaging for Forest Producers 2013-10
TP‑729‑V Carry-Forward of Net Capital Losses 2012-01
TP‑752.0.0.6‑V Adjustment for Income Replacement Indemnities Received from a Public Compensation Plan Outside Québec 2013-10
TP‑752.0.1.I‑V Certificate Respecting a Member of a Religious Order 2012-02
TP‑752.0.13.1‑V Expenses for Medical Services Not Available in Your Area 2012-10
TP‑752.0.14‑V Certificate Respecting an Impairment 2013-10
TP‑752.0.18.10‑V Tuition Fees for Flying Lessons 2012-11
TP‑752.0.DE‑V Application for Designation as a Recognized Educational Institution 2012-05
TP‑766.2‑V Averaging of a Retroactive Payment, Support-Payment Arrears or a Repayment of Support 2012-02
TP‑772‑V Foreign Tax Credit 2013-10
TP‑776.1.ND‑V Tax Credit for Recent Graduates Working in Remote Resource Regions 2013-10
TP‑776.42‑V Alternative Minimum Tax 2013-10
TP‑776.67‑V Waiver with Respect to the Simplified Tax System 2012-10
TP‑785.2.5‑V Property Owned by an Emigrant 2013-10
TP‑930‑V Elections Respecting the RRSP of a Deceased Annuitant 2012-02
TP‑931.1‑V Amounts from a Spousal RRSP or RRIF 2013-10
TP‑935.3‑V Repayment of RRSP Funds Withdrawn Under the Home Buyers' Plan or the Lifelong Learning Plan 2012-10
TP‑961.8‑V Election Respecting the Designated Benefit from a RRIF 2012-02
TP‑965.32‑V Calculation of the CIP Deduction
TP‑965.39.4‑V Calculation of the CIP Deduction 2013-10
TP‑965.55‑V Stock Savings Plan II (SSP II) 2013-10
TP‑985.5‑V Application for Registration: Charities, Museums, Cultural or Communications Organizations and Québec or Canadian Amateur Athletic Associations 2012-12
TP‑1000.PB‑V Authorization for the Volunteer Program – Personal Income Tax 2012-01
TP‑1000.TE‑V Online Filing of the Personal Income Tax Return by an Accredited Person 2013-11
TP‑1008‑V Consent to Have Revenu Québec Provide Notices Online Only 2013-12
TP‑1012.A‑V Carry-Back of a Loss 2013-10
TP‑1012.B‑V Carry-Back of a Deduction or Tax Credit 2012-10
TP‑1015.3‑V Source Deductions Return 2014-01
TP‑1015.F‑V Formulas to Calculate Source Deductions and Contributions 2014-01
TP‑1015.N‑V Election by Fishers to Have Income Tax Deducted at Source 2012-02
TP‑1015.R.13.1‑V Statement of Commissions and Expenses for Source Deduction Purposes 2012-01
TP‑1026‑V Calculation of Instalment Payments to Be Made by Individuals - 2014 2014-01
TP‑1029.8.33.6‑V Tax Credit for an On-the-Job Training Period 2012-10
TP‑1029.8.33.13‑V Tax Credit for the Reporting of Tips 2013-10
TP‑1029.8.36.76‑V Tax Credit for Job Creation in the Clothing and Footwear Industry 1999-10
TP‑1029.8.36.EC‑V Tax Credit for the Acquisition or Lease of a New Energy-Efficient Vehicle 2011-12
TP‑1029.8.36.LP‑V Tax Credit for the Acquisition of Pig Manure Treatment Facilities 2012-10
TP‑1029.8.54‑V Tax Credit Respecting the Housing of a Parent 2005-10
TP‑1029.8.61.64‑V Tax Credit for Caregivers 2013-10
TP‑1029.8.63‑V Tax Credit for Adoption Expenses 2013-10
TP‑1029.8.66.2‑V Tax Credit for the Treatment of Infertility 2012-10
TP‑1029.8.ND‑V Tax Credit for Recent Graduates Working in Remote Resource Regions 2006-11
TP‑1029.9‑V Tax Credit for Taxi Drivers or Taxi Owners 2013-12
TP‑1029.CS.1‑V Solidarity Tax Credit Application for New Residents of Québec 2013-04
TP‑1029.CS.3‑V Notice of Change in Situation: Solidarity Tax Credit 2013-04
TP‑1029.ER.A‑V Certificate of Compliance With Energy and Environmental Standards 2013-10
TP‑1029.ER‑V Tax Credit for Eco-Friendly Home Renovation (EcoRenov) 2013-10
TP‑1029.RR‑V Tax Credit for Home Improvement and Renovation 2009-10
TP‑1031‑V Election Concerning the Payment of Income Tax Further to a Deemed Disposition 2012-02
TP‑1032‑V Election to Make Instalment Payments in Respect of Income Tax Resulting from the Deemed Disposition of Certain Property Owned at the Time of Death 2012-02
TP‑1033.2.A‑V Deemed Disposition of Property by an Emigrant 2013-10
TP‑1033.2‑V Election to Defer the Payment of Income Tax on Income Relating to the Deemed Disposition of Property 2013-10
TP‑1079.6‑V Statement of Losses, Deductions and Tax Credits Respecting a Tax Shelter 2013-03
TP‑1079.DI‑V Mandatory or Preventive Disclosure of Tax Planning 2011-12
TP‑1086.R.23.12‑V Costs Incurred for Work on an Immovable 2013-10
TP‑1097‑V Notice of Disposition or Proposed Disposition of Taxable Québec Property by an Individual or Corporation Not Resident in Canada 2013-03
TP‑1102.1‑V Notice of Disposition or Proposed Disposition of Québec Resource Property, Québec Timber Resource Property, Immovable Property (Other than Capital Property) or Taxable Depreciable Québec Property by an Individual or Corporation Not Resident in Canada 2002-02
TP‑1102.3‑V Payment of Income Tax by an Insurer on Behalf of an Individual not Resident in Canada Further to the Disposition of a Life Insurance Policy 2012-12
TP‑1129.64‑V Special Tax Relating to a Registered Education Savings Plan 2013-10
TP‑1129.RI‑V Special Tax on an Excess Amount Under a Profit-Sharing Plan 2013-10
TP‑1129‑V Election for Special Tax Relief Related to the Deferred Taxation of Security Option Benefits 2012-04
TPF‑601‑V General Information on Filing your Income Tax Return 2013-10
TPF‑602‑V General Information on Filing your Income Tax Return 2013-10
TPF‑603‑V General Information on Filing Your Income Tax Return 2013-10
TPZ‑1026.0.1.M‑V Remittance Slip - Montréal
TPZ‑1026.0.1.Q‑V Remittance Slip - Québec
TPZ‑1026.A‑V Instalment Payments Made by an Individual
TPZ‑1029.8.F.A‑V Childcare Expenses Qualifying for the Tax Credit: Fees and Number of Days of Care for 2014 2013-10
TPZ‑1029.8.F.C‑V Notice of Change in Situation: Advance Payments of the Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses 2013-10
TPZ‑1029.8.F‑V Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses: Application for Advance Payments 2013-10
TPZ‑1029.8.P‑V Work Premium Tax Credit: Application for Advance Payments 2013-10
TPZ‑1029.8.PS‑V Supplement to the Work Premium: Application for Advance Payments 2012-10
TPZ‑1029.MD.5‑V Information Return - Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors 2013-10
TPZ‑1029.MD.7‑V Application for Advance Payments Based on Rent and Services Included in Rent: Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors 2013-10
TPZ‑1029.MD.8‑V Application for Advance Payments for Services Included in Condominium Fees: Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors 2013-10
TPZ‑1029.MD.9‑V Application for Advance Payments for Occasionnal Services: Tax Credit for Home-Services for Seniors 2013-10
TPZ‑1029.MD.A‑V Certification of Dependent Senior Status - Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors 2012-10
TPZ‑1179‑V Logging Operations Return 2012-12
TPZ‑1185.1‑V Logging Tax Instalment
VD‑358‑V Québec Sales Tax Rebate for Employees and Partners 2013-10
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