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  • GST and QST Remittances: Sole Proprietorships
    Certain sole proprietorships with an annual GST and QST reporting period have a special deadline for filing their returns and making their remittances to Revenu Québec.
    Category: GST and QST
  • Acquisition or Improvement of an Immovable by a PSB
    Public service bodies can elect to have the taxable supply of an immovable treated as a taxable supply.
    Category: Better tax practices – businesses, GST and QST
  • Calculation Methods for Charities
    Certain charities that are GST/HST and QST registrants can elect not to use the net tax calculation method for charities to calculate their net tax.
    Category: Better tax practices – businesses, GST and QST
  • Landscaping Services
    Landscaping businesses must file an income tax return and are generally required to register for the GST and the QST, and for source deductions
    Category: Better tax practices – businesses, GST and QST, Income tax - businesses, Source deductions and contributions
  • Online Purchases of Property or Services
    Certain persons who purchase property or a service online are not required to pay QST to the supplier. However, they must pay it to us.
    Category: Better tax practices – businesses, GST and QST
  • GST/HST and QST Returns
    A number of mandataries were mistakenly sent a form that instructed them to file their GST/HST and QST returns online. They will soon receive a new form telling them that they can file the returns on paper.
    Category: GST and QST
  • Third-Party Fundraising
    A third-party fundraiser for a registered charity is not considered a non-profit organization.
    Category: GST and QST
  • Moving Services
    Services rendered by a moving company that is registered for GST/HST and QST purposes are subject to GST and QST.
    Category: Better tax practices – businesses, GST and QST
  • Are Your Maple Product Sales Taxable?
    Sales of maple products can be taxable or zero-rated.
    Category: GST and QST
  • New Publications
    In recent months, Revenu Québec and the Canada Revenue Agency have published or updated a number of documents.
    Category: GST and QST, Publications
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