Proposing a Payment Agreement Online

Need more time to make a payment? If you're an individual or an individual in business and you received a collection notice after June 19 for an amount that you can't pay in full, you can now propose a payment agreement using our online service.

  • Convenient: No waiting around on the phone. No mail delays. This online service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!
  • Easy: You don't need to be registered for clicSÉQUR to access the service.
  • Safe: Our simple authentication process protects your personal information.

Here's how to propose a payment agreement:

  1. Have your collection notice ready.
  2. Go to the Payment Agreements page.
  3. Use the Propose a Monthly Payment Agreement online service to make your proposal.
  4. Make your monthly payments through your financial institution.

Other ways to propose an agreement

For more ways to propose a payment agreement, click Payment Agreements.

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