Registering a Product Developer as a Revenu Québec Partner

The following natural or legal persons seeking to develop or adapt products that meet our requirements can become partners that develop products:

As a partner that develops products, you have access to all the documents and tools needed to develop and adapt products that will work with our systems.

In addition, you have access to My Account for partners, where you can:

  • update your profile;
  • manage your fields of activity;
  • add the names of resource people;
  • manage your products;
  • view your test-case history;
  • send us a message.

Becoming a partner that develops products

To register, use the Register a Business as a Partner online service (click the Access Service button below). You must also mail us a duly completed and signed copy of the Agreement Between Revenu Québec and a Product Developer (form SW-10-V). Before completing the agreement, consult the Management Framework Intended for Product Developers (SW-11-V). After you have registered, you will receive a temporary password.

Once your registration has been accepted, we will email you a user code which will allow you to access:

  • the documents specific to the field of activity for which you wish to register your products
  • My Account for partners to add resource people and register your products
You need only your user code to access the Documents section, but both your user code and password to access My Account for partners.
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