The Partners section of our website is for anyone who develops products specific to one of Revenu Québec's fields of activity.

Partners develop products that let them and taxpayers fulfill their administrative and fiscal obligations, or apply a tax measure.

This section contains the information, documents and tools you will need to develop and validate tax preparation products.

Fields of Activity

You can use My Account for partners to select the fields of activity for which you intend to develop products.

You have access to regularly updated information and to documents and tools specific to each field of activity.

All fields of activity


Becoming a Partner

If you have a product that lets you fulfill your administrative or fiscal obligations, or apply a tax measure, or that lets taxpayers do the same, you can register as a partner of Revenu Québec.

Your products must meet our requirements, and they may be subject to validation (a process that varies according to the field of activity for which a product is developed).

Revenu Québec partners include the following:

  • developers of commercial and non-commercial products
  • financial institutions
  • government departments and agencies
  • installers of sales recording modules

Become a partner of Revenu Québec