Direct Deposit of Refunds – Businesses

If your business has an account at a financial institution with an establishment in Canada, any refund to which the business may be entitled under the laws administered by Revenu Québec can be directly deposited in that account.

To request direct deposit

To request direct deposit for your business, complete a Request for Direct Deposit (form LM-2.Q-V, if you live in or near Québec City, or form LM-2.M-V, if you live in or near Montréal). The only difference between the two forms is the address of the Revenu Québec office where they should be sent.

Enclose with the form a personalized business cheque marked "VOID." The business's name, address and account number, and the financial institution's routing number must be printed on the cheque.

Please note that Revenu Québec will deposit all of your business's refunds directly in only one account. Therefore, even if your business has more than one account, you may request direct deposit with regard to only one of them.

Direct deposit:

  • enables you to obtain refunds more quickly
  • eliminates the risk of cheques being lost or stolen
  • is useful in case of illness or absence from work
  • ensures that you will receive any amount owed to you (even in the event of a postal strike)
  • saves you time and money

To change your account for direct deposit

If you already have direct deposit service and wish to have your refunds deposited in a different account, complete form LM-2.Q-V or LM-2.M-V again and send it to Revenu Québec, along with a personalized business cheque marked "VOID."

To cancel direct deposit

If you wish to cancel your direct deposit, you must complete another copy of form LM-2.Q-V or LM-2.M-V.

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