You Do Not Receive Your Support Payments

Revenu Québec collects your support payments

If Revenu Québec is responsible for collecting your support payments, you do not have to take any action. Revenu Québec will know that the support due has not been paid, and will take the measures necessary to recover the amount.

You have been granted an exemption

In this case, support payments should be made to you directly by your former spouse. If you are not receiving the payments, you may complete form PPA-104-V, Application for Cessation of Exemption to inform us that the debtor of support (This link will open a new window) has failed to pay the support required under the order.

The security that the debtor provided will be used to pay your support for the first month in which Revenu Québec takes measures to recover the amount owed.

You would like to be covered by the support-payment collection program

If support is paid to you under a judgment rendered before December 1, 1995, you are not covered by the support-payment collection program.

If you are not receiving your support payments, and you would like to participate in the program, you have to file an application with the clerk of the court at the courthouse in the district in which you live. You must complete form SJ-765A, Application to the Court Clerk Concerning Section 99, Paragraph (1) or (2), of the Act to Facilitate the Payment of Support. This form is available at all courthouses. The clerk of the court will provide Revenu Québec with the information it will need to collect your support.

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