Support-Payment Collection Program

Support is an amount paid periodically, pursuant to a judgment generally handed down in Québec, to cover the essential needs of children or of the creditor of support (This link will open a new window). Such needs include:

  • food 
  • housing 
  • heating 
  • clothing
  • education

Scope of the support-payment collection program

The support-payment collection program applies to all cases:

  • judgments rendered on or after December 1, 1995, that award support for the first time 
  • judgments rendered before December 1, 1995, on request

Our role consists of:

Only a court can:

  • change the terms of a judgment
  • modify the amount of support established in a judgment

If you are unable to make your support payments because your situation has changed, you must obtain a new judgment.

Other sources of information

You can find information on support payments on the Ministère de la Justice website as well as on the Services Québec website (When a Couple Separates section).

Last Updated: 2013-10-30