Income tax return for 2013

The following documents provide instructions for filing your 2013 income tax return.

  • Income Tax Return (250 KB)
  • Guide to the Income Tax Return TP-1.G-V (8,047 KB) 
  • Work Charts (224 KB)
  • Schedule A Amount for Dependants and Amount Transferred by a Child Pursuing Studies (169 KB)
  • Schedule B Tax Relief Measures (163 KB)
  • Schedule C Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses (158 KB)
  • Schedule D Solidarity Tax Credit (200 KB)
  • Schedule E Tax Adjustments and Credits (97 KB)
  • Schedule F Contribution to the Health Services Fund (96 KB)
  • Schedule G Capital Gains and Losses (155 KB)
  • Schedule H Tax Credit for Caregivers (149 KB)
  • Schedule J Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors (193 KB)
  • Schedule K Premium Payable Under the Québec Prescription Drug Insurance Plan (188 KB)
  • Schedule L Business Income (85 KB)
  • Schedule M Interest Paid on a Student Loan (81 KB)
  • Schedule N Adjustment of Investment Expenses (88 KB)
  • Schedule O Tax Credit for Respite of Caregivers (95 KB)
  • Schedule P Tax Credits Respecting the Work Premium (151 KB)
  • Schedule Q Retirement Income Transferred to Your Spouse (104 KB)
  • Schedule R Québec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) Premium (117 KB)
  • Schedule S Amount Transferred by a Child 18 or Over Enrolled in Post-Secondary Studies (108 KB)
  • Schedule T Tuition or Examination Fees (162 KB)
  • Schedule V Tax Credits for Donations and Gifts (202 KB)
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