Income tax return, Schedules and Guide for 2015

The following documents provide instructions for filing your 2015 income tax return.

  • Income Tax Return (124 KB)
  • Guide to the Income Tax Return TP-1.G-V (1,638 KB)
  • Work Charts (82 KB)
  • Schedule A Amount for Dependants and Amount Transferred by a Child Pursuing Studies (75 KB)
  • Schedule B Tax Relief Measures (66 KB)
  • Schedule C Tax Credit for Childcare Expenses (67 KB)
  • Schedule D Solidarity Tax Credit (60 KB)
  • Schedule E Tax Adjustments and Credits (47 KB)
  • Schedule F Contribution to the Health Services Fund (47 KB)
  • Schedule G Capital Gains and Losses (73 KB)
  • Schedule H Tax Credit for Caregivers (65 KB)
  • Schedule I Additional Contribution for Subsidized Educational Childcare (68 KB)

    You must complete Schedule I as is, without taking into account the reduction of the additional contribution for subsidized educational childcare announced in the Budget Speech delivered on March 17, 2016. We will make the necessary adjustments when we process your income tax return.

  • Schedule J Tax Credit for Home-Support Services for Seniors (80 KB)
  • Schedule K Premium Payable Under the Québec Prescription Drug Insurance Plan (68 KB)
  • Schedule L Business Income (39 KB)
  • Schedule M Interest Paid on a Student Loan (35 KB)
  • Schedule N Adjustment of Investment Expenses (45 KB)
  • Schedule O Tax Credit for Respite of Caregivers (45 KB)
  • Schedule P Tax Credits Respecting the Work Premium (148 KB)
  • Schedule Q Retirement Income Transferred to Your Spouse (43 KB)
  • Schedule R Québec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP) Premium (50 KB)
  • Schedule S Amount Transferred by a Child 18 or Over Enrolled in Post-Secondary Studies (49 KB)
  • Schedule T Tuition or Examination Fees (Claiming or Transferring the Credit) (62 KB)
  • Schedule V Tax Credits for Donations and Gifts (124 KB)
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