32. RénoVert tax credit (Line 462)

You may be entitled to this refundable tax credit if:

  • you were resident in Québec on December 31, 2016 (or, if you ceased to be resident in Canada in 2016, you were resident in Québec on the day you ceased to be resident in Canada); and
  • you or your spouse had eco-friendly renovation work done on an eligible dwelling under a contract entered into with a qualified contractor after March 17, 2016 (generally speaking, an eligible dwelling is a dwelling you own in Québec that is your principal residence or, subject to certain conditions, a cottage).

The tax credit you can claim in 2016 in respect of an eligible dwelling is equal to 20% of the portion of your eligible expenses paid in 2016 (after March 17) that exceeds $2,500. The maximum tax credit is $10,000 per eligible dwelling.

For the complete list of conditions or to calculate the amount of the credit, complete form TP-1029.RV-V, RénoVert Tax Credit.

Form to enclose

RénoVert Tax Credit (TP-1029.RV-V)

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