How to Complete Your Income Tax Return

Before completing your income tax return:

  • see what's new for 2016; and
  • gather up all the documents you will need to complete your return (RL slips and information slips, receipts, etc.).

RL slips and information slips

You should have received all of the slips needed to file your tax return by late February, except for the RL-15 slip and the RL-16 slip, which do not have to be sent to you until the end of March.

Refer to the back of your RL slips to find out on which line of the return you must enter the amounts shown on the slips. (For RL-slip information in English, see the courtesy translations of the RL slips.)


The slips that are needed to complete your income tax return are not sent by Revenu Québec. The issuer of each particular slip is required to send it to you. For example, Retraite Québec is required to send RL-2 slips.

Missing information

If you do not have access to your RL slips and information slips or to the information regarding your tax instalments or any interest paid by Revenu Québec, you can download some of your tax data using authorized software or view the data using our Consulting Tax Data online service.

Filing your income tax return using software

You can file your income tax return using software authorized for filing the personal income tax return.

Paper income tax return

Copies of the income tax return booklets “Forms” and “Guide” are available at most Desjardins caisses.

You can also print the income tax return, schedules and guide from our website. Forms and publications related to the income tax return are available on our website under Online Services, Forms and Publications.

When completing an income tax return on paper, follow the instructions below.

  • Use blue or black ink.
  • Remember to sign and date your return and to provide your telephone number(s).
  • Use the return envelope provided in the “Forms” booklet, if applicable. Make sure you use enough postage so that the envelope is not returned to you by Canada Post. Write your name and address in the upper left-hand corner of the envelope.

Need help?

Revenu Québec provides references to help you complete your return:


When filing your return, do not send us:

  • your RL slips;
  • your federal information slips concerning income earned outside Québec (unless you are using our paper forms); or
  • your receipts and other supporting documents (unless you are using our paper forms and we have specifically requested these documents).

You must, however, keep all your slips and supporting documents in case we ask for them. As a rule, you are required to keep such documents for six years following the taxation year to which they relate. See What to Do with Your RL Slips, Receipts and Other Supporting Documents for more information.

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