Notice of Assessment

Our goal is to issue your notice of assessment:

  • within 14 business days if you file your income tax return online; or 
  • within four to six weeks if you file your income tax return by mail.
Since we start processing returns at the beginning of March, wait until the beginning of April before contacting us to obtain information, even if you filed your return in January. If you file your return after March 31, wait four weeks before contacting us.

Online notice of assessment

If you file your income tax return online, you can choose to receive your notice of assessment online instead of by mail, as long as you meet all of the requirements. If you make that choice, your notice will be deposited in My Account, a secure space on our website. You can also view, where applicable, confirmation of the amount of your accelerated refund.

Paper income tax return

Even if you file a paper version of the income tax return, you can consent to have us provide you, online only, the notice of assessment relating to your income tax return and, if applicable, any notices relating to the solidarity tax credit. You will then be able to consult those documents by accessing My Account. For more information, see form TP-1008-V, Consent to Have Revenu Québec Provide Notices Online Only, in the “Forms” booklet (available at most Desjardins caisses).

Copy of your notice of assessment

You can get a copy of your notices of assessment for past taxation years (back to 2004) using the View Notices of Assessment and Confirmations of Accelerated Refunds online service.

Your notices of assessment for 2004 through 2009 are available as PDF files only if you filed your income tax return electronically; however, notices of assessment issued since February 2011 (including amended notices) are available as both HTML and PDF files regardless of how you filed your return. 

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