Application for Advance Payments of the Supplement to the Work Premium

To apply for advance payments of the supplement to the work premium, you must complete form TPZ-1029.8.PS-V, Supplement to the Work Premium: Application for Advance Payments. You can also obtain the form by calling us at 418 643-4721 or, toll-free, at 1 888 643-4721, or at any local employment centre (CLE).

You must submit the form to a local employment centre (CLE) of the Ministère du Travail, de l'Emploi et de la Solidarité sociale so that your form can be forwarded to Revenu Québec.

  • If your spouse is also entitled to the supplement and wishes to receive advance payments, he or she must also file an application.
  • As a rule, we determine the amount of the advance payments to which you may be entitled within 45 days of receiving your application. 
  • You must be registered for direct deposit in order to receive advance payments.
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