Changes in the Course of the Year

If you no longer meet one of the requirements or you become entitled to advance payments of the supplement to the work premium, you must amend your application.

To amend or cancel your application, please call us at one of the following numbers:

  • 418 659-6299 (Québec City region)
  • 514 864-6299 (Montréal region)
  • 1 800 267-6299 (toll free, elsewhere in Québec)

You may be required to pay back the amounts that you received as advance payments of this tax credit if you no longer meet the requirements for claiming the credit or if your situation has changed in the course of the year. Moreover, if you received advance payments during the year but no longer reside in Québec at the end of the year (on December 31), you still have to file an income tax return.

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