Holders of Unclaimed Financial Assets

You must remit, at fair value, all unclaimed financial assets that you hold, in accordance with the remittance procedure associated with the type of holder that you are. The types of holder are as follows:

Financial institutions and other holders

  • Savings and credit unions
  • Insurance corporations
  • Trust corporations
  • Law firms and notary offices
  • Brokers or real estate agents
  • Travel agencies
  • Sellers of prearranged funerals
  • Cooperatives
  • Parity committees
  • Government departments and public bodies
  • Other holders

Holders of safety deposit boxes

  • Savings and credit unions
  • Banks

Pension plan administrators

  • Employers
  • Pension committees
  • Unions
  • Financial institutions
  • Authorized organizations

Securities registrants and mutual funds

  • Investment dealers
  • Portfolio managers
  • Mutual fund dealers
  • Restricted dealers
  • Mutual funds
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