Owner or Other Right-Holder

A right-holder is a person with a right to an unclaimed financial asset. Any of the following can be a right-holder:

  • an owner
  • an heir
  • a liquidator
  • a beneficiary

Claiming property

To claim property, you must follow the procedure corresponding to your situation. See the table below.

Situation Procedure

You are an owner or an authorized representative.

Use the Claim a Financial Asset as an Owner online service or file form BD-81.1-V, Claim by Owner of Property.

You are an agent of an organization or an authorized representative of a business.

File form BD-81.2-V, Claim by the Agent of an Organization or Authorized Representative of a Business.

You are an heir or a liquidator.

File both form BD-81.3-V, Claim by Heir or Liquidator and form BD-81.4-V, Declaration of Heredity and Transmission by Death.

Mail the duly completed form(s), along with all required documents, to the following address:

Direction principale des biens non réclamés
Revenu Québec
500, boulevard René-Lévesque Ouest, bureau 10.00
Montréal (Québec)  H2Z 1W7

When we process your claim, we will ensure the confidentiality of all the data you provided.

We will examine your claim carefully upon receipt. A member of our staff may contact you for additional information at this stage. Once we have sufficient information to conclude that you have rights to an unclaimed financial asset, we will refund you the amounts due or return the assets to you, as applicable.

If the claim concerns a safety-deposit box, we will make an appointment with you to validate and take possession of the contents of the box.

Note that fees apply for the services rendered in the provisional administration of unclaimed property.

Claim rights

  • You have ten years as of the date on which the financial assets were remitted to the Minister of Finance to claim financial assets valued at less than $500.
  • There is no time limit for claiming financial assets valued at $500 or more.

Consult the register of unclaimed property to find out whether you have any unclaimed financial assets.

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