Regulatory and Administrative Streamlining

Regulatory streamlining

Regulatory streamlining means simplifying and otherwise revising laws and regulations to significantly reduce red tape and the costs of compliance.

Administrative streamlining

Administrative streamlining is all the steps taken by government departments and bodies to trim the formalities stemming from laws and regulations. A number of streamlining measures have been implemented in recent years further to recommendations published in the report prepared by the work group on regulatory and administrative streamlining coordinated by the Ministère de l'Économie, de l'Innovation et des Exportations. At Revenu Québec, we play a key role in more than one third of the government's measures to streamline and simplify administrative procedures.

Measures taken

The measures below are concrete examples of our commitment to regulatory and administrative streamlining (This link will open a new window):

  • reducing administrative costs for businesses by 25.9%;
  • developing a secure email system to simplify the communication of confidential information between Revenu Québec and businesses; 
  • improving the content on our website by making it easier to find, read and understand;
  • developing My Account for professional representatives, a secure space that makes it easier to find information and cuts down on the use of paper;
  • offering QST and GST/HST registration by telephone so that clients no longer need to come to our offices;
  • implementing a personalized appointment service that allows businesses to meet with one of our tax experts whenever they need to.

 Measures to bring us closer to businesses

  • consulting other taxation authorities in order to explore new streamlining methods;
  • forming an advisory committee to promote tax compliance, especially among small and medium-sized businesses;
  • creating a means for businesses to provide feedback on our services over the telephone;
  • routinely monitoring calls to ensure the quality of the answers given by our employees.

Measures to better meet businesses' needs

  • extending the duration of powers of attorney;
  • increasing the number of tax experts in our client services department;
  • updating our Service Statement to include information about the rights of individuals and businesses;
  • supporting businesses that use our online services by setting up a special telephone helpline and publishing useful information on our website;
  • developing an interactive version of the Guide de la déclaration de revenus des sociétés (CO-17.G);
  • improving turnaround times on written information requests;
  • developing a Déclaration de revenus des sociétés (CO-17) that can be completed onscreen;
  • guiding businesses through the process of obtaining a Québec enterprise number (NEQ);
  • sending fewer paper documents to employers (Employer's Kit).

For more on our commitment to administrative streamlining, see our management reports (available in French only).

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