Revenu Québec:

  • Collects income tax and consumption taxes and ensures that each person pays a fair share of the financing of public services
  • Administers the support-payment collection program (PAPA) in order to ensure that the support to which children and custodial parents are entitled is received on a regular basis
  • Administers taxation-related social programs, as well as any other tax-collection and redistribution program entrusted to it by the government
  • Ensures provisional administration of unclaimed property and liquidation of that property in order pay out the value to assigns (persons in whom a property right is vested), or, failing that, to the Minister of Finance
  • Makes recommendations to the government concerning fiscal policy and programs

The role of Revenu Québec is essential for the government. It is the source of funds required for government operations and most public services.

A number of citizens count on Revenu Québec to obtain the amounts to which they are entitled without delay.

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