Mandatory Billing in the Restaurant Sector

The Québec government is engaged in a fight against tax evasion.

The government's objective in the restaurant sector is to reduce tax losses by ensuring that the taxes paid by clients are actually remitted to the government and that all sales are reported. Measures to fight tax evasion in this sector were therefore implemented.

Now that these measures are in force, the government plans on recovering close to $2.3 billion by 2018-2019. This represents more than $300 million per year.

To help restaurateurs with the implementation of these tax measures, we have made available information and publications.

Consult this section of our website if you operate a restaurant establishment, whether or not you are a QST registrant. It contains information:

  • to help you determine whether you operate a restaurant establishment to which any of the tax measures apply
  • about the tax measures
  • on how to comply with the tax measures

The restaurant sector is not the only sector where tax evasion is an issue. For more information, click Fight Against Tax Evasion.

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