Registered SRM Installers

You are responsible for choosing an SRM installer and making sure that installer is registered as such with Revenu Québec.

Only registered SRM installers are authorized to purchase new SRMs from the supplier, IBM Canada, for resale to Québec restaurant establishments or to install and activate new or used SRMs in Québec restaurant establishments.

Installers must also provide technical support for the SRMs they install. Accordingly, if you have a problem with your SRM, you must contact your installer. Depending on the nature of the problem, the installer may act directly or turn to a third party for help in solving the problem. Note that you must also notify us if you are having problems with your SRM.

SRM installers do not represent Revenu Québec and are not acting in its name. We do not guarantee the quality of the services offered by these installers, and we are in no way responsible for inadequate service or negligence on their part.

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