Tax Evasion in the Restaurant Sector

Revenu Québec intends to recover over $2 billion by 2018-2019 through the measures implemented to fight tax evasion in the restaurant sector.

Our goal is to reduce the loss of tax revenues — estimated at $420 million for the year 2007-2008 — by ensuring that taxes paid by customers are remitted to the government and that restaurant establishments report all their income.

Since November 1, 2011, all restaurateurs must provide bills to their customers. Restaurateurs who are QST registrants must also produce the bill with a sales recording module (SRM).

Customers have the right to expect that restaurateurs report their actual sales and that they remit to the government the taxes collected on each sale. Moreover, tax evasion in the restaurant sector results in unfair competition for law-abiding restaurateurs. It is a matter of fairness for all taxpayers.

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